My name is Han Alexander. I'm a lousy writer, an astronomy enthusiast, and a freebird. I believe that the good of this world is not based on your judgement of society, but rather it is a reflection of your own kindness.

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June 21st, 2013

  There’s a time in your life when you take a little 3 hour trip to surprise a girl at her doorstep. You were sick the night before, but you disregard it anyway. Halfway through the ride, your skin starts to heat up and you grow these hideous bumps and marks on your body. You end up at her doorstep, hot and itchy. The surprise you never asked for. She pushes you against the wall and just hugs you. She just hugs you. A different kind of a hug. As if both of your hearts are about to fall out of your chests, and you’re trying to hold them in place with your arms around each other. 
  She cuts you fruits and vegetables that night, and left the medicine on the counter for you to take. You, that fool, embarrassed, upset, yet completely happy. She makes you feel 5 different emotions all at once. Your heart is about to fall out again, so you hug her once more and falls asleep. You become even more sick the next night. She is extremely upset and takes you to the grocery store, buys a handful of things she thinks will make you feel better.
  She runs a skin relieving bath for you, and forces you to sit in there. “It will make you feel better!” she nags you endlessly, but you complain that it would be boring to sit there for so long. Next thing you know, you are sitting in that bathtub and she’s on the floor right next to you, holding your hand. You sit there with your other hand swaying back and forth in the milky green, oatmeal, skin curing water. You spend the next 20 minutes talking about the philosophy in astronomy and staring at her pale arm hovering gently over the tub. Her chin on her knees. Her eyes barely open. You stop talking, counting her eyelashes, and then you think to yourself silently:
  There’s a time in your life when you are sitting in a bathtub and she’s sitting on a bathroom floor just to listen to you talk about the stars, and finally learn what it feels like to be loved.

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