My name is Han Alexander. I'm a lousy writer, an astronomy enthusiast, and a freebird. I believe that the good of this world is not based on your judgement of society, but rather it is a reflection of your own kindness.

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whatthefawkery: do you never get pimples. How. Do you have superior skin

Stay hydrated!

missalinaa: Does minh's revealing photos ever bother you? I know she's her own person and she may do as she pleases, I was just curious as to what your view on them was & what perspective you have :)

Good question. If you really look into the contents of Minh’s tumblr, you will understand what it is she desires and live for. Her body is one of her most prized possessions. She’s an open book with her body the way I am an open book with my mind. We are both revealing, her through photographs, I through words. Minh is a feminine, an artist, an extremely ethical human being, and is loved, admired, and respected by all her peers. Passionate would be an understatement. Her self expression is what makes her who she is and also why I love her so much. I’m not going to get too deep into my explanation, because I can talk about Minh for days hahaha. But to answer your question, no it does not bother me. I’m proud.