My name is Han Alexander. I'm a lousy writer, an astronomy enthusiast, and a freebird. I believe that the good of this world is not based on your judgement of society, but rather it is a reflection of your own kindness.

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Today at work, I was checking up on one of my customers. I asked her how was everything going, and she stared at me and responded with, “I am so obsessed with you…”

holmeswatson: you were on my dash and wow A+ on the face youre very nice looking okay okay okay i just wOw *blushes*


hello-my-sunflower: I'm saying this with all my courage to hopefully put a smile on your face. Waay back in the day during my pubescent days YOU were the only person to make me question my sexuality, I remember the day I found out your gender my world went in all kinds of directions! But you set the bar no one has come close to you thus far I guess you can say I'm Hansexual :p

Wow this is so deep. I am BLUSHING. THANK YOU!

Upset with the weather right now.

Akito Nara

Akito <3 *sighhh

christine szczepaniak
lunaaaaatic: What drug did you do that led you to the hospital?

I popped a molly and I was not sweating. I was cold. And I almost died.

Lana Del Rey - Black Beauty
a-dozenroses: Purple? :)

10 facts about my room.

  1. I had nothing but a bed in this room for 1.5 years
  2. My girlfriend moved in with me last year~ and now we’re moving out next month to this amazingly awesome loft thing.
  3. But anyway… I think the coolest thing about my room is the kokedama plant we have. Its leaves literally flops down when it needs to be watered. So cute! It has mad personality… This is what a kokedama is —> here
  4. We have a vinyl collection.
  5. Everything is black or white.
  6. Many cameras lying around.
  7. When I’m home alone it gets messy, but when Minh is home alone it’s like spotless.
  8. I have an expensive emergency room medical bill pinned up to my little bulletin board written over with a bold, red sharpie that says, “DON’T DO DRUGS.”
  9. Minh’s clothes mixed up with my clothes everywhere.
  10. Minh’s shoes everywhere.
Woff woff!



*gets gay married during the purge*

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